Top 8 Ways to Remove Teeth Stains

April 30, 2023

Are you struggling with tooth stains? Discolored teeth can make you self-conscious regarding your smile and affect the appearance of your teeth. But you don’t have to live with the marks on your teeth forever — there are multiple ways to get rid of teeth stains. From whitening toothpaste to professional whitening treatment, you can explore many options.

In this blog, we will list how to remove teeth stains. Carry on, ready to get started on your journey to a whiter smile!

Types of Teeth Stains

There are three types of teeth stains that appear on your teeth. Knowing which type you have will help you determine how to remove teeth stains accordingly.

Extrinsic teeth stains appear on the surface of your teeth as they discolor your dental enamel when you eat teeth-staining food items or participate in activities that may discolor your teeth, with the enamel gradually absorbing the color.

Intrinsic stains are more internal — they appear when the inner layer called dentin is stained. Although they are a bit challenging to remove, your dentist can manage them.

Aging, too, can stain your teeth. With time, your teeth start to lose their sparkle as you consume and come in contact with various discoloring factors. Your dental enamel starts wearing away as well, revealing the yellow layer underneath. Your dental specialist can suggest what to do in case of age-related tooth stains.

Effective Ways to Remove Teeth Stains

Here are some promising methods to remove teeth stains:

  • Whitening Toothpaste: Minor teeth stains will not be able to withstand the effects of whitening toothpaste. Consistent application using the proper technique to brush your teeth might whiten your smile.
  • Dental Cleaning: Regularly attending your professional dental cleaning sessions will ensure no spot remains. If you notice stains on your teeth, your dentist might be able to remove them with a thorough cleaning.
  • Professional Teeth Whitening: If you are hoping for instant brightness, you can always opt for professional teeth whitening. There are many ways a dentist can whiten your smile, and the results are evident. So, professional teeth whitening will help if you have dull or yellow teeth.
  • Activated Charcoal: Another common method of whitening teeth is using activated charcoal — a black powder that is produced when the wood is heated in the absence of oxygen.
  • Whitening Strips: Whitening strips also help instantly make your teeth appear lighter at home. For slight dullness or whitening your teeth, you can try whitening strips.
  • Proper & Nutritious Diet: With a proper diet, you can ensure your body receives enough nutrients to brighten your smile. This way, you can prevent teeth stains before you even have to remove them. However, it will not show instant results; a proper and consistent diet is a requirement!
  • Dental Veneers: Sometimes, the stains are too deep for other methods to work. In this case, you can remove deep stains on teeth with the help of dental veneers. They’re wafer-thin shells that match the appearance of your teeth. Moreover, the cosmetic dentist will customize the veneers according to your natural teeth before covering the discolored spot.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide: You can also remove teeth stains by using a natural bleaching agent known as hydrogen peroxide. However, be mindful not to use more than 3% of the chemical; dilute it before using.


Whether you have extrinsic, intrinsic, or age-related teeth stains, there are a number of ways you can get rid of them. Contact our experts at Smile One Dental to remove your teeth stains and smile confidently. Dial (713) 936-4062 now for professional and effective procedures, or visit us at 5962 Renwick Drive, Houston, TX 77081.



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