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As your trusted dentists, we aim to preserve your natural teeth. However, in some cases, pulling a tooth becomes necessary to avoid further issues. We know removing a tooth has some infamy surrounding it —- but our tooth extraction services in Houston, TX, are here to redefine the dental procedure. Head to our dental clinic to learn more about tooth removal!

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    Tooth Extractions

    Redefining Dental Extractions

    The definition of tooth extractions is evident in the name: a dental procedure that involves removing a severely damaged tooth. When gum disease, fracture, and deep cavities threaten your oral health, removing a tooth can be the best decision. By going beyond your fear, you can invest in saving your dental health. Moreover, our tooth extraction in Houston, TX, is painless since we administer anesthesia to ensure no discomfort.

    At Smile One Dental, we understand that the idea of tooth extractions might be a source of anxiety for many patients. However, you can rest assured that tooth extractions are not as bad as they sound. In fact, removing a damaged tooth can actually boost your overall oral health.

    Why Our Tooth Extraction In Houston, TX, Might Be the Best Decision for Your Oral Health

    Neglecting medical attention and treatment for dental issues only causes painful symptoms later on. Normally, a dental examination and checkup help spot dental problems early on. Hence, ignoring tooth issues and missing your dentist’s appointments can lead to severely damaged teeth.

    Our dentist will try to restore your natural tooth. In some cases, though, tooth removal is the only way to prevent additional dental issues. But did you know pulling a tooth can actually be beneficial for you? Our tooth extraction services in Houston, TX, can bring forth many advantages.

    Every procedure has a silver lining, and tooth extractions are no exception. Here are some benefits of removing a tooth:

    • Prevents infection and decay from spreading to the surrounding teeth
    • Eliminates pain due to the damaged tooth
    • Allows other teeth to grow properly
    • Addresses overcrowding
    • Ease and convenience when eating

    Best Candidates for Tooth Removal

    Our Houston dentist might recommend removing a tooth in the following circumstances:

    • Damage to the tooth due to advanced gum disease
    • Severe infection
    • Crowded teeth
    • Risk of infection

    Questions About Tooth Extractions ?

    What Our Tooth Extraction Procedure in Houston Involves

    Our qualified oral surgeon will perform your tooth extraction procedure in Houston, TX. Before we begin the procedure, you will be given anesthesia to numb the area, ensuring you experience no discomfort.

    After the anesthesia has taken effect, our dental specialist will remove the bone and tissue surrounding the tooth, given that it is impacted. Then, we will use a gentle technique to extract the tooth from its socket.

    Next, our oral surgeon will suture the gum together using stitches. Lastly, our dentist will place gauze in the socket, which helps control the bleeding. Make sure you follow our dentist’s aftercare instructions for a safe and fast recovery!

    Embrace a Healthier Smile

    You do not need to be scared of tooth removal at our dental clinic! Our skilled team of dental professionals is here to help you attain optimal oral health. Visit Smile One Dental for painless and affordable tooth extraction services in Houston, TX. Schedule an appointment today at (713) 936-4062 and let our dental team take care of your teeth.

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