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A beautiful smile is an invaluable asset that cannot be compromised at any cost. But even with proper oral hygiene maintenance, it is still possible that you may have dental caries, discoloration, or tooth injuries. With advancements in dentistry, many restorative options are available to restore the original form and functions of your teeth. At Smile One Dental, we take pride in offering the latest treatment measures to maintain our patients’ oral wellness. As a part of cosmetic dentistry, our practice provides high-grade porcelain fillings in Houston, TX, that provide a natural-looking alternative to conventional dental fillings.

Porcelain fillings have gained wide popularity in recent years due to their striking resemblance to natural teeth. These fillings utilize a conservative technique, thus preserving the maximum portion of healthy tooth structure. To restore the attractive look of your grin, contact us at (713) 936-4062 to learn whether porcelain fillings are the best option for you.

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    Porcelain Fillings

    Types of Porcelain Fillings in Houston, TX

    Our practice offers two types of porcelain fillings, depending on the extent of dental cavities:

    • Inlays: These are smaller-sized porcelain fillings to restore a hole in your tooth surface. Like composite fillings, inlays restore the decayed portion of your tooth by bonding with your teeth. They are contained within the cusps of your natural teeth.
    • Onlays: If the cusps of your teeth have been damaged, they can be restored with onlays. Onlays can replace single or multiple cusps of your teeth. Unlike dental crowns, they are conservative and do not require the removal of healthy tooth structure.

    What Are The Benefits of Porcelain Fillings?

    Porcelain fillings have the upper hand among other dental restorative options for many reasons. At our Houston, TX, clinic, we provide exceptionally high-quality porcelain fillings that offer the following advantages:

    • They resemble the natural shade and contours of your teeth and give a seamless finish.
    • Porcelain is a strong, durable dental material, enabling it to withstand chewing forces.
    • Porcelain fillings only require the removal of decayed tooth portions, preserving the remaining healthy structure.
    • They prevent the risk of dental caries in the future by sealing off the exposed surface of your tooth.
    • Unlike metal fillings, porcelain fillings do not conduct heat. This makes them an ideal restoration for temperature-sensitive teeth.

    Questions About Porcelain Fillings ?

    What Is The Process of Porcelain Fillings?

    The procedure of porcelain fillings in Houston, TX, typically takes two visits. During your initial appointment, our dentist will begin by injecting a local anesthetic at the site of the defective tooth. We will use a small drilling device to remove the damaged tooth portion and perform thorough debridement. Afterward, we will take impressions of your prepared teeth and send them to a dental lab to design customized inlays or onlays in the perfect shade match of your teeth.

    Once they are ready, we will call you for a second visit to test the fitting of these porcelain fillings. Our team will ensure that they sit comfortably in the prepared tooth cavity and do not affect your natural occlusion. After completion, we will provide post-treatment instructions to prolong the life of your new dental fillings.

    Meet Your Cosmetic Goals with Porcelain Fillings in Houston, TX

    If you are searching for aesthetically appealing tooth restorative solutions – look no further. Our dental experts are ready to offer the best cosmetic solutions, including porcelain fillings in Houston, TX, to enhance the attractive look of your smile. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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