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A perfectly straight smile adds extra beauty to your overall appearance. While some have a naturally straight set of teeth, many people have minor to major misalignment that can affect their dental aesthetics. At Smile One Dental, our qualified practitioners offer a wide range of services for orthodontics in Houston, TX, to correct the alignment of your teeth and jaws. We utilize the latest technology and techniques to minimize the treatment time and deliver the best results for attaining a perfect smile! Call us at (713) 936-4062 to book an appointment with our dental experts today!

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    What Kinds Of Issues Can Orthodontic Treatment Fix?

    Orthodontic problems are of several different types and may affect teeth, jaws, or both. At our practice, our orthodontist will comprehensively evaluate your oral cavity to design a treatment plan targeting your issues. Some common problems we target with orthodontics in Houston, TX, are discussed below.

    • Crowding
      When your jaw is smaller in size or does not have sufficient space to accommodate all the teeth, they may overlap, resulting in a crowded appearance. Crowding can occur due to abnormal jaw-to-tooth relationships or irregular eruption patterns.
    • Spacing
      Spacing is the opposite of crowding and may occur due to frequent thumb sucking prolonged use of pacifiers, or narrow teeth. Large spaces between teeth can impact the cosmetic appearance of your smile and may also cause an increased risk of gum diseases.
    • Overbite
      If your upper teeth stick out further than normal and cover a major portion of your lower teeth, the condition is called an overbite. Patients with severe cases of overbite are more prone to develop jaw pain, tooth wear, and dental injuries. We can prevent such risks at our practice with specialized orthodontics in Houston, TX.
    • Underbite
      If your lower teeth close in front of your upper teeth during occlusion, it is known as an underbite. It is the reverse of normal occlusion in which your upper teeth partially encase your lower teeth. An underbite can occur due to abnormal jaw development.
    • Crossbite
      Crossbite occurs when one or more of your lower teeth close in front of your upper teeth during biting. You can have a front or back crossbite, depending on the area of teeth involved. It can happen due to genetic misalignment, abnormal eruption, or other factors.
    • Open bite
      When your upper teeth do not meet the lower teeth upon closing your mouth, it results in an open bite. It can occur due to prolonged thumb sucking, pacifier use, or some jaw development issues. With advanced orthodontic techniques, we can fix an open bite to restore your beautiful smile.

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    Orthodontic issues not only affect your smile’s appearance but may also increase the risk of dental caries and gum diseases. Our practice offers many services for orthodontics in Houston, TX, to meet your cosmetic goals. If you wish to have a perfectly aligned smile, contact our clinic for an appointment today!

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