If Tartar is Breaking Off Your Teeth, Here is What You Need to Know

March 15, 2023

Our tooth enamel is the strongest tissue in the body. Hence, if a piece of your tooth broke off while you were eating or flossing, chances are it could actually be tartar. Yes, many people mistake tartar breaking off of teeth for a chipped tooth due to the similarity in their appearance.

So, how to know if a piece of tartar broke off or if it was your tooth that chipped off? In this blog, we will inform you how to differentiate between tartar and tooth. Moreover, you will learn what to do when tartar breaks off.

What is Tartar?

First, we will get you familiar with what tartar is. In our mouth resides bacteria — both good and bad. Hence, it is normal for bacteria to form a sticky film on the surface of teeth, which reacts with sugar and acids from foods or drinks. This can lead to tooth decay, which is why dentists always stress proper oral care. Brushing and flossing are pretty effective in eliminating plaque. Still, it forms in our mouths every day.

With time, plaque hardens and transforms into dental calculus. Also known as tartar, it comprises minerals that are present in our saliva. But you should only trust a professional dental specialist to remove the tartar from the surface of your teeth. Sometimes, though, tartar breaks off while flossing, brushing, or eating.

Tartar Breaking off Teeth vs. Chipped Tooth

Our tooth enamel cannot just break off while we are participating in day-to-day activities. Therefore, if you feel something in your mouth you suspect is a chipped tooth — it is usually a piece of Tatar that broke off.

Tartar breaking off teeth could be due to certain eating styles or brushing techniques. You can examine the broken piece to confirm if it is a chipped tooth or tartar. If it is tartar, it might be brown, yellow, or black in color. In addition, applying pressure will cause tartar to crumble. In comparison, tooth enamel will not break into pieces if you apply force.

What to Do When Tartar Breaks Off

If tartar is breaking off your teeth, do not attempt to get rid of the remaining calculus on your own. Instead, consult a dentist for a professional procedure. It might be tempting to remove the remaining tartar on your own, especially if there is a sharp spot left behind, but it can be damaging to your gums and teeth. In simple terms, avoid removing sharp tartar on your own and visit a dentist. The dentist will use professional equipment to remove tartar and examine your mouth for any additional issues.

What’s Next?

When you aggressively brush or floss your teeth, it can sometimes lead to tartar breaking off teeth. You should immediately contact a dentist if you feel something chip away in your mouth, be it tartar or a chipped tooth. At Smile1 Dentistry, our experts are equipped with the necessary knowledge on how to manage such instances. Plus, our regular dental cleaning procedure is quite effective in keeping your teeth clean, healthy, and strong. Contact us now at (713) 936-4062. You can also visit our dental office at 5962 Renwick Drive, Houston, TX, 77081.



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