How Long Does a Teeth Cleaning Process Take?

February 15, 2023

Dentists recommend teeth cleaning every six months. Your teeth are constantly exposed to bacteria and food particles that can cause dental issues. However, a dental cleaning procedure can help remove any buildup on the surface of your teeth. Your dental specialist will clean your teeth thoroughly, making sure to remove any contaminants. Hence, how long does a dental cleaning actually take?
We will explain the steps of dental cleaning in detail. Carry on reading to know how a regular teeth cleaning procedure works.

How Long Will A Dental Cleaning Take?

In general, professional teeth cleaning takes 30 minutes to an hour. Factors like your dental health and the amount of plaque present might affect the timing. Furthermore, the more you practice regular oral care, the quicker your dental cleaning appointment will be.

Steps of a Dental Cleaning Procedure

Your dentist will take a comprehensive oral exam at the beginning of the appointment. After they have spotted any dental concerns, the dental hygienist will prepare you for teeth cleaning. Before the procedure, a paper towel or another material will be used to cover your shirt. You can always inform the dental specialist if you feel uncomfortable at any point throughout the procedure.

Are you wondering how long the dental cleaning procedure might take? Here is a detailed explanation of the process:

Step 1: Scaling

The first step of a dental cleaning procedure is scaling, which involves removing buildup from the surface of your teeth. Using a thin metal hand scaler or an ultrasonic scaler, the dentist will scrape off bacteria, plaque, and other contaminants from your teeth and gum line. How long scaling takes will depend on your specific case. After removing plaque from your teeth, the dentist will rinse your mouth with water.
People with sensitive teeth might find this step slightly uncomfortable. Inform your dentist so they can pause between the procedures. The breaks during the dental cleaning will take additional time and might make the process last longer.

Step 2: Polishing

Once you are done with scaling, the dentist will proceed with the next step: polishing. Your teeth will be ready for polishing after the dental specialist has removed plaque and bacteria. Therefore, a polishing paste will be applied to the surface of your teeth with the help of an automatic handheld device. The dentist will be thorough in this step, making sure your teeth shine bright.

Step 3: Flossing

After cleaning and polishing your teeth, the next step involves flossing. The dental specialist will professionally floss between your teeth to remove the remaining plaque and bacteria. Moreover, this step will ensure there’s no paste remaining between your teeth. After flossing, the dentist will rinse your teeth properly.

What’s Next?

A dental procedure does not last long; it only takes 30 minutes to an hour. And if you regularly maintain your oral hygiene, it will take even less time.

At Smile One Dental, your oral health and comfort come first. Our dentist will proceed with the procedure according to your comfort, making sure it is convenient for you. Visit us now at 5962 Renwick Drive Houston, TX 77081 for effective treatments. You can also call us at (713) 936-4062 for more information.



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