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The importance of regular dental checkups cannot be denied, but maintaining oral health at home is just as essential. Many people are not aware of the proper techniques to brush and floss their teeth or preserve their dental work. For increasing awareness of good oral hygiene maintenance, our dentists provide guidelines for home dental care in Houston, TX. To learn more about effective ways to maintain oral health, contact us at (713) 936-4062 for any dental queries.

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    Home Dental Care

    How to Maintain Oral Health At Home?

    Oral health maintenance does not rely on brushing alone. It is a comprehensive care routine involving multiple factors such as diet, water intake, use of proper techniques, etc. Our dental experts are always willing to guide you on home dental care in Houston, TX, so that you can easily maintain the beauty of your precious smile. Read ahead to find out practical ways to maintain oral wellness at home.

    Dietary Regulation

    Partial dentures are useful to replace a few missing teeth in a single arch. Even if the missing teeth are not adjacent to one another, we can replace them with a single partial denture that connects the artificial teeth using an acrylic plate as a base.

    Increased Water Intake

    Water is not only essential for proper hydration but also helps to flush away harmful bacteria and food debris from your oral cavity. Those with a dry oral cavity are more susceptible to developing dental cavities and gum diseases. Therefore, our dentists recommend drinking 7 to 10 glasses of water daily as part of home dental care in Houston, TX. It aids in proper saliva production and creates a barrier against caries-causing bacteria.

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    Proper Brushing Techniques

    Using the correct brushing technique can positively impact your oral health. Many children and adults brush their teeth in a side-to-side motion. This method does not clean the crevices of your teeth properly and may also cause gum recession. The proper approach is to hold your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle and move around in small circles to brush the surfaces of your teeth. Ensure that you also reach the inner areas and back end of your mouth because these areas often have higher food debris accumulation. If your brush has a tongue cleaner on the back, use it to scrub your tongue as well after brushing.

    Use of Mouthwash

    For complete oral care, our dentists also recommend mouthwashes as a part of home dental care in Houston, TX. Mouthwashes may vary in type, depending on your dental needs. For example, if you have a high risk of dental caries, we suggest using a fluoride-containing antibacterial mouthwash to protect your teeth. The additional advantage of mouthwash is that it can reach even deep crevices and other areas that may be left out during brushing.

    Learn More About Home Dental Care in Houston, TX

    Taking proper care of your oral health is not as difficult as you may think. Are you still uncertain on how to properly maintain your home dental care in Houston, TX? Reach out to us today – Our team is ready and willing to provide assistance!

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