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Dentures have been a convenient choice for replacing missing teeth for several decades. With technological advancement, newer varieties and design modifications of dentures are available. Smile One Dental is proud to offer durable partial and complete dentures in Houston, TX, to reform your oral cavity. Our dental technicians fabricate custom-fit dentures with superior retention so that you can enjoy your favorite foods again! Contact us at (713) 936-4062 to schedule a consultation with our dental experts today to learn about the best tooth replacement options for you.

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    Benefits of Dentures

    Loss of single or multiple natural teeth can disturb the normal functions of your oral cavity. Moreover, it can also take a toll on your self-confidence by affecting your smile aesthetics. Our premium quality dentures in Houston, TX, are an ideal replacement for missing teeth as they offer the following benefits:

    • They restore many of the functional aspects of your oral cavity, such as biting, eating, chewing, speaking, etc.
    • Dentures also transform your smile by filling in the gap left by missing teeth. They resemble your natural teeth and gums, thus enhancing the look of your attractive grin.
    • Loss of natural teeth causes facial sagging. Dentures help to retain the strength of facial muscles and prevent downward sagging to maintain a youthful appearance.
    • Dentures are more convenient as they can be completed within one or two dental visits.
    • In the case of removable dentures, you can clean them easily on a daily basis to prolong their lifetime.

    Types of Dentures

    Our dental clinic offers different types of dentures in Houston, TX, depending upon your dental needs. Typically, there are three common types of dentures.

    • Partial Dentures
      Partial dentures are useful to replace a few missing teeth in a single arch. Even if the missing teeth are not adjacent to one another, we can replace them with a single partial denture that connects the artificial teeth using an acrylic plate as a base.
    • Complete Dentures
      Complete dentures replace the entire upper and lower arch of missing teeth. If you have a few carious teeth remaining, we will extract them before placing a complete denture.
    • Implant-Supported Dentures
      Implant-supported dentures are an advanced type that utilize the support of dental implants for retention. Depending on the abutment that links them with the underlying dental implants, they can be fixed or removable.

    Questions About Dentures ?

    Process of Dentures in Houston, TX

    In order to get a customized denture, you will need to visit our dental office for evaluation. Our dentists will assess your bone structure to determine if it is ideal for denture placement. If you have lost significant bone density, we may recommend bone grafting to replenish your jawbone. We will begin the denture process by taking a dental impression of your upper and lower arch. During this step, we will record your natural bite as well to ensure that the denture matches it perfectly. Our team will send these impressions to a dental lab. The process may take a few days or a week. During this period, we will provide you with a temporary replacement. After complete fabrication of the denture, we will call you to test its fitting. Our dentists will ensure that the denture fits snugly in your mouth and has proper retention.

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    Are you in search of dependable and expert denture services in Houston? Our team of skilled dental professionals is here to assist you. Our denture solutions are tailored to your individual requirements, ensuring a comfortable and realistic-looking answer to missing teeth. Contact us today to book your consultation and discover how we can assist you in attaining a confident and healthy smile.

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