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Oral bacteria reside in the nooks and corners of your teeth, usually left during brushing. They are especially more prone to occur on the chewing surfaces of your posterior teeth. If prophylactic measures are not taken, it can lead to the development of dental caries. For this reason, our experts at Smile One Dental provide dental sealants in Houston, TX, for additional protection. Sealants fill in the crevices of your teeth and form a barrier against bacteria, thus eliminating the risk of cavities. They are particularly beneficial for young children. So if you want to protect your and your family’s oral health, contact us at (713) 936-4062 to book an appointment today!

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    Dental Sealants

    How Do Dental Sealants Work?

    When you eat or chew food, it may accumulate in the crevices on the upper surface of your teeth. Even though brushing can clean most of it, some remnants may still be present even after proper oral hygiene care. Bacteria in your oral cavity can convert them into acidic substances, causing dental caries.

    If you get dental sealants, they will effectively seal the furrows and crevices in your teeth that are more susceptible to cavities. Our dental sealants in Houston, TX, are made of durable dental material that can withstand chewing forces. They help to form a protective barrier against oral bacteria and prevent tooth decay.

    What is The Right Age to Get Dental Sealants?

    The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends dental sealants for children with newly erupted permanent teeth. Typically, the first molars erupt around the age of 6, so we recommend getting dental sealants in Houston, TX, around that time to prevent caries. Apart from permanent teeth, dental sealants can also be beneficial for protecting baby teeth from decay. If your child eats sweets regularly or has other habits that may increase the risk of tooth decay, getting dental sealants at an early age is better.

    We also suggest dental sealants for adults who are at high risk of developing dental caries. It is a preventive dental treatment that is suitable for patients of all ages.

    Questions About Dental Sealants ?

    What is The Procedure for Dental Sealants in Houston, TX?

    The process for getting dental sealants is quick and pain-free. It does not require local anesthesia, but if you feel anxious or uncomfortable, we may opt for sedation anesthesia for added comfort. We will begin the procedure by cleaning and drying your tooth surfaces. After this step, we will apply an acidic solution to the deep pits and grooves of your teeth. It helps the sealants to bond better with your teeth. We will rinse the solution a few seconds later and coat the surfaces with dental sealants. Lastly, our team will harden them using a special curing light and perform final adjustments.

    Preventive Oral Care with Dental Sealants

    Children are more likely to develop dental cavities because of multiple factors. To protect their teeth from an early age, our dentists recommend dental sealants in Houston, TX, ensuring that your child’s smile remains caries-free for a long time. Contact us to book an appointment today!

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