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Decayed or damaged teeth can affect your dental aesthetics and lower the functional abilities of your oral cavities. At Smile One Dental, our qualified professionals offer dental restorations in Houston, TX, to preserve the integrity of your natural teeth. Our clinic provides a wide range of dental restorations to suit your dental needs. Whether you want to eat more comfortably or wish to have a perfect smile, we have got it all covered! Contact our team today at (713) 936-4062 to learn more about the types of dental restorations, and let us help you decide which one will be the best for your needs.

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    Dental Restorations

    Understanding Types of Dental Restorations in Houston, TX

    The primary goal of dental restorations is to restore the functionality and appearance of your teeth. Additionally, it also helps to conserve your natural teeth for the long term, which may otherwise lead to extraction if left untreated. Our dentists understand that natural teeth are an invaluable asset, which is why we try our best to maintain them using high-quality dental restorations. After a comprehensive evaluation, we will select the best type of restoration for you that addresses your specific dental concerns.

    Direct Dental Restorations

    If you have a chipped tooth, small cavities, or gaps between your teeth, we can fix them using direct dental restorations in Houston, TX. These restorations are prepared chair-side and placed in your oral cavity within the same visit. There are various types of direct restorations, but the most common ones are:

    • Amalgam: It is a mixture of different metals, which includes mercury, tin, copper, and silver. Although it is very durable, it is not a good aesthetic option due to its metallic color.
    • Glass ionomer: It contains silicate glass powder as the primary dental material. It is useful for restoring small cavities, temporary fillings, root caries, and primary teeth.
    • Composite: It provides the best aesthetics among all other options because of shade resemblance with your natural teeth. Composite restorations are also very sturdy and seal a dental cavity effectively to prevent further damage.

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    Indirect Dental Restorations

    Indirect dental restorations involve preparation in a dental lab before they are placed in your mouth. These types of dental restorations in Houston, TX, typically require two appointments. Custom-fit indirect restorations include:

    • Veneers: These are thin porcelain laminates that conceal and correct the visible portion of your teeth.
    • Dental crowns: They resemble the natural tooth structure and cover the entire tooth surface to provide protection.
    • Dental bridges: Ideal for restoring one or more adjacent missing teeth within the same arch.
    • Inlays and onlays: Customized porcelain restorations that resemble the natural tooth color and restore functions.
    • Dental implants: They replace the root and crown portion of a missing tooth, providing a fixed, durable replacement option.

    Preserve Your Natural Teeth with Dental Restorations

    Leaving a carious tooth untreated can lead to many future complications, including tooth loss. Once a natural tooth is lost, no other treatments can replace its full functional abilities. So if you are searching for convenient and effective options to salvage your teeth, visit our practice to get the best dental restorations in Houston, TX. Contact us to book an appointment today!

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